We’re on the current issue of V Weddings Philippines Magazine! :D

Wow! This day is just amazing, thank you God! :D So just this morning, this particular shoot was featured by the Rebellious Brides on their blog. And just a few hours ago, we found out that V Weddings Philippines came out with this shoot as well! :D So it’s a double feature, whee! :D Check out the photos. :)

Yes, this issue. :D


And “Color Issue” goes well with this particular shoot. :D


My name is there! See it? :D


And here’s the opening spread! So awesome! :D So big and sharp and… wait, this is starting to sound wrong. XD But it’s just really cool! :D


The description fits the shoot perfectly as well.




And here are the amazing people we worked with for this shoot. :D


Check out the feature on Rebellious Brides as well! :) And pick up a copy of the magazine at your local bookstore! :D

Interested in getting quirky for your big day or even just your pre-nup or any kind of shoot? Hit us up with an email at myquirkycreatives@gmail.com! :D

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