New Look, New Quirks


Imagine us putting our best suit on… but keeping the funky socks.                                      Today, we are happy to introduce a better and sleeker, but quirkier Quirky Creatives.


Over the past few months, we’ve subtly changed our social media icons
and used new applications to showcase a collectively new visual identity and
represent a business growth we honestly did not see coming. It was rather a tedious and overwhelming process to begin with, but we couldn’t be happier with the result
and direction we’ve decided to take. Now, it gets better since we’re able to
share it here with you.

Why did we rebrand?

We simply had no choice. Rebranding was the only way to improve our already
customer-centric experience and creating a fine line between their service and
ours; what we stand for and what we don’t. Our new look represents new services
and a new style specifically aimed to our kind of couples in all their quirky
personality, peculiarity, and guts.

So, what’s new?

1. Same great photos, faster turnover

We understand how much our clients want to see the finished output ASAP, so
we’re trying out new ways that can make the process of turnover faster and easier.
Care for your photos to be in a usb stick rather than in a CD? We heard you. Dying
to see your edited photos within the month? We’ll make sure of that.

2. 7 Rewards for just 1 booking

Yes, you heard that right. As a sign of our many thanks to our clients, starting April
2017 until April 2018, all Quirky Couples can redeem exclusive discounts and
promos care of our awesome brand partners. You can check all of that here.

3. More benefits for faster bookings

It has always been easier when suppliers are set and coordinated with early
into planning. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to decide by granting the following promos:


Book us within 2 weeks? 

Less Php 3000 on Quirky Basic Package

Less Php 5000 on Quirky Premiere Package

Less 7000 on Quirky Ultimate Package


Pay in full within 30 days upon initial inquiry?

Get 8% OFF on any wedding package!


4. The quirkier the better

We like to see ourselves as wine, only things get spicier and quirkier with time.
Now that we’re on our 4th year, we’re urging all couples to embrance their unique
brand of love and let it show. Whatever the idea, count us in!

5. You’ll always know it’s us

The past years was all about us finding the right style that showcased our couples’
personalities the best way we can. As a mark of our growth, we can proudly say
that we’ve nailed down our signature look — from the coloring, to the
perspectives, to the subjects. One look and you’ll know it’s us, Quirky Creatives.


So what do you say?

Get the guts to show the world (or maybe just your family lol) the quirks of your
relationship and your unique brand of love. You’ll know it’s worth it when you look back at your photos when the time comes. So let loose and be yourself. You’ve
got nothing to worry about because your quirks? Our works.


Let’s get shooting,

Noel Salazar

Chief Photographer, Quirky Creatives

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