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We’ve just turned 4 earlier this year, and with a new number comes a new resolution — and that’s to love our clients even better! This is why we partnered with 5 amazing establishments and brands to bring you gifts that’ll make you happier, healthier, and quirkier come the wedding bells. We’re proud to work with these companies who support holistic living through mental, physical and social health—in short, the Quirky Lifestyle. We know planning a wedding can be stressful, so take a peek at our gift box and hopefully, you can find something helpful and unwrap it all soon with us!

So what’s inside our gift box?

It’s for those who want to take the healthy lifestyle up a notch higher:

Eat right with discounted meal plans from Delicious Diet PH

Delicious Diet PH is a meal delivery service that’s been long enough in the business to know what’s good for you and what works best for weight loss and muscle gain. Their meals per day include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. Simply choose from their weight loss meal plan (1200cal) or high protein meal plan (1800cal), whichever suit your needs. All are guaranteed low salt, high in fiber, and undeniably delicious. If you book Quirky Creatives as your photographer for your prenup or/and wedding, you can avail their weight loss meal plan at Php 1700 instead of its original rate of Php 1800. Likewise, you can avail their high protein meal plan at Php 2100 instead of Php 2400. Yay for discounts!

Get lean and strong with a 15% discount off at Crossfit MNL

Crossfit MNL is the country’s first officially certified gym that specializes in Crossfit training. It doesn’t matter if you’re an exercise or food junkie, it’s the workout that caters to all fitness backgrounds as it is a mixture of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, track and field, kettle bell training, and other sports. Don’t get intimidated by the crowd because Crossfit boasts of an inclusive community that helps everyone get to their goal at their own pace. The good news? If you book Quirky Creatives and use your e-voucher discount to book 5 days of Delicious Diet PH meal plans, they’ll throw in an additional 15% discount coupon for select Crossfit MNL services. This means that while you’re eating well, you’re also moving hard to be stronger and healthier in no time.

It’s for those who need unique prenup venue:

Cozy up at Milky & Sunny Legazpi branch for only Php 3500:

With their homey vibe and cheery interiors, Milky & Sunny is the breakfast place that could potentially be your awesome prenup venue. Why would it not? From the pastel decor to the quaint birdcages to the adorable pillows adorning the place, it just screams love all over the place. Milky & Sunny is also an all-day breakfast place that serves a fusion of familiar yet modernised American and Filipino breakfast favourites. So if you’re the type of couple that just wants to relive that perfect breakfast scene, book us now so you can avail their generous prenup discount of only Php 3500.

Don’t worry, you’ll have the whole place to yourselves!

Get fancy and romantic at Privatus Private Dining for only Php3500

Tucked away in the heart of Pasig, Privatus Private Dining place is as private is it can be. Reservations need to be made 3 days in advance for the whole team to whip up a bespoke menu that’s different for each set of guests. The interiors itself are pretty much a treasure that’s waiting to be found. They have an entire library of herbs and spices and a bar whose ceiling is adorned with exotic wines and spirits. Its intimate and casual setup makes it the perfect place for romantic couples with quirks only their respective partners would know. Book us now to avail this perfect opportunity to get all fancy shmancy at Privatus Private Dining Place for only Php 3500.

Get your geek and coffee on at Cup Fiction at 40% off:

The perfect cup of joe is hard to pass up, and so is the chance to have a prenup shoot at Cup Fiction, a cafe-slash-library that’s not really hard to love. If you’re a fan of comics, books, or anything that’s remotely related to art, you might think this cafe is heaven sent. Aside from serving good (and we say good, we mean good) coffee, and scrumptious dishes, Cup Fiction has a comic book collection, literary pieces, local merch thats all for pop culture in the art scene. They even have a wall decorated with furnitures from Furniture Therapy! So if you’re feeling gutsy enough to embrace love here, then book us now to get 40% discount off of their regular prenup rate.

It’s for those who wants to celebrate, unwind, and just chill out:

Hold your next event at Milky & Sunny for only Php 15000 —ALL IN

Itching to host an engagement party? What about a bridal shower? Whatever it is, Milky & Sunny is here to offer a discounted all in package of 15000 for your next event. Not only is it consumable for 4 hours, they’ll throw in free iced tea for 30 guests and will let you customise the food you want to be served. Imagine all of this if you book with us!

Weekly date AND discounts at Cup Fiction? Count us in!

We’re all about strengthening relationships – and you can’t do that without spending quality time with each other. Good thing Cup Fiction is generous enough to shower all Quirky Creatives couples with a weekly discount on all food and beverage products each and every time they spend the their time with their partner at the cafe! So while you’re busy planning the wedding, you have no excuses to miss that weekly catch up session about life and love in general.


So what do you say?

Book us now and live the quirky lifestyle. 

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