A Different Shade of Orange

When we started, we asked ourselves crucial questions which could give us ideas leading to the actual designing. Who are the Quirky Couples? What are they like? What could be the visual representation that they could relate to? After weeks and months of pondering over the “big idea”, the answer was basically lying on top of our heads.

All that QUIRKY Creatives needed to do to jumpstart this rebrand was continue being quirky. 

1. The first element we improved on was transitioning from the lighter, younger orange to a warmer, deeper orange. We like to call it the Russet. As this shade resembles rustic, baked clay colors, it also stands for boldness, creativity, an unassuming and straightforward attitude, and a welcoming and warm disposition. It is the color that meant that Quirky Creatives was growing up…and getting better. 


2. The next element we played around with was developing visual patterns to give the brand more dimension and personality. Of course, the patterns had to have a reason for existing, and should embody who we are and what we stand for. Introducing, the wood and the fingerprint. 


3. Fianlly, getting the colours and the patterns right was just the beginning. Applying them right was the tricky part. And while being a quirky brand sounds as easy as producing different, crazy visuals with no excuse, it proved to be a challenge as we wanted a look that was still memorable and put together.

The way we did this right was to get inspired by our couples. We identified their kinds of quirky and translated each style into the appropriate visual elements we had already developed. In the CD sleeves below, you’ll see how we applied the elements and came up with 3 looks for the  3 quirky personalities namely, Romantic, Editorial, and Unconventional.


Scroll down to see more of the transformations and applications of our rebrand!


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