Save the Date: Nick and Daisy

Videography | Quirky Creatives
Make-up | Rae Salazar of REAL Makeup Artistry
Shoot Location | Matabungkay Beach Resort

So, if you check out the cover photo of this entry, to answer your question, yes, we actually did a prenup photoshoot of Nick and Daisy, but hey, who says we can’t make a video also? Lolz. XD And we did it too, even if we did come from a wedding the night before, meaning we were very tired. But we never use tiredness as an excuse to not come up with good stuff. Haha. And thankfully, it’s just a save the date video, so it’s not very long. To be honest, we originally started to shoot the scenes in the beach resort with a different feel, since it was raining. Then guess what? After the makeup portion was done, the sun came out. So much for the more dramatic, moody scenics. But hey, sun equals good light, and good light is always… well, good for photos and videos. XD

The song we used was “All Those Pretty Lights” by Andrew Belle. Enjoy the video. :D

We’ll also be posting the photo set of their prenup soon, so wait for it! :D

Interested in getting quirky for your big day or even just your pre-nup or any kind of shoot? Hit us up with an email at! :D

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