Prenup Video: Kerwin and Gert

Videography | Quirky Creatives
Make-up | Rae Salazar of REAL Makeup Artistry
Styling | Alexandra Lapa
Shoot Location | El Hogar Filipino

So, if you’ve been visiting our blog way before, you should have seen Kerwin and Gert already. :D If you haven’t, why not??? Go click on this link before you go any further. XD And this has been featured in Bride and Breakfast, FYI. XD

After you’ve looked at the links, you’re probably wondering why I’m uploading this again. Well, it’s because we made a video. XD If you’re also wondering why we’re only uploading this now… well, it’s because? Haha. XD We actually had clips of this way before. So yay. XD The song we used is “Getting it On” by SALES.

Enjoy the video. :)


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