I shot for the April issue of Mabuhay Magazine! :D

Hi, Noel here! XD Earlier this year, Mabuhay Magazine got me to shoot for their feature of food hotspots in Kapitolyo, in Pasig. Yes, this is a late post, seeing as this was for the April issue of Mabuhay Magazine, but hey, you can still use this info right? Haha. XD The best part about shooting food photos is that you get to eat what you shot! XD Yum! Hehe. :D

First feature is Rub Ribs and BBQ. Yummy!


Then we went over to BC Burgers and Chix. We got to try their Terriyaki Burger and the Original Buffalo Wings.


And finally, for dessert, we headed over to Cab Cafe, and we got to try cakes!


Check it out on the April issue of Mabuhay. You know, in case you flew Philippine Airlines last month or you want to buy the issue now from the Eastgate Publishing office. :D


Yahoo! More blog posts to come soon. :D

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