Sneak Peek of a Singapore quirky family shoot! :D

So early this month, we went over to Singapore and while we had a pre-nup there (for future posting as well XD), we also got the opportunity to shoot Kirk, Dionne and their baby son Kion. It was really great timing for us and for them as well, since Dionne is also 5 months pregnant, and was looking for a chance to have her photos taken, as well as for a family shoot.

It was really great being able to experience the awesomeness of this family. :D Dionne and Kirk were game for any pose, and even Kion, while being shy, was very easy to take pictures of. He was very nice and cute. :D

Anyway, here’s a teaser to show just how fun the shoot was. :D More soon!


Make-up by Rae Venturanza-Salazar. Special thanks to our friends Nathan and Leah for this also! :D

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