I shot for the April issue of Mabuhay Magazine! :D (part 2)

Hi, Noel here! XD Yeah, I know I posted a shoot about the Mabuhay Magazine April issue already, but I haven’t put this up yet. XD So yeah, I brought Rae along, and with Mabuhay Magazine’s writer Stephanie, we were lucky to be able to take the Corregidor Walking Tour by Ivan Man Dy. Ivan also has walking tours in Manila, so I think this would be the first one not in Manila. Haha. XD Anyway, Rae and I really enjoyed this tour here, as it showed us a different perspective of Corregidor, unlike the one we went to last 2010. Ivan made sure to talk more about the history of the place, of the different things that happened, and history stuff too. And if you like history like we do, you’d definitely enjoy and have a different perspective on tours. Anyway, photos! XD

Whee! Seeing my name on “Photos by” always makes me happy. XD And oh yeah, that’s the spread. XD


The Mile-Long Barracks. It’s not really a mile long, only a third of a mile long. But I guess Third of a Mile Long doesn’t have the same ring to it. XD


The Pacific War Memorial, the Spanish Lighthouse, and the Malinta Tunnel.


Yeah, that’s Rae over there in the Malina Tunnel hehe. :D


More close-ups.


And the tour guide himself, Mr. Ivan Man Dy. :)


Yes, all these can be found on the April issue of Mabuhay Magazine, the official magazine of Philippine Airlines. XD


Come back soon for more entries and photos! :D

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