Partners We Love!


A lot of our clients tend to ask for our recommendations when it comes to other wedding suppliers.  Here’s a handy list of the people we love working with:


KC Leyco-Mempin



Miss Kayce is a fashion stylist and a menswear designer. Having been in the fashion industry for 8 years as a fashion/wardrobe stylist working on editorials, print and tv campaigns, celebrity styling, she continues to show her passion for fashion through her designs.

Make Up Artist:

REAL Make Up Artistry

By Rae Venturanza Salazar


REAL Make Up Artistry is a hair and make up artistry team based in Makati City that specializes on weddings, debuts, and other special events. Founded and led by Chief Make Up Artist Rae Salazar, who earned her certification at Center of Aesthetics Studies in 2006 and has been awarded Top 10 Supplier of the Year in 2012, REAL has always been founded on her belief that every woman has her own kind of beauty that she can enhance and embrace through the art of make up.


Ghe Consolacion

Ghe Consolacion Events Film Maker

fb • @gheconscolacioneventfilmmaker


Ghe Consolacion is an events film maker that captures simple joys while celebrating priceless moments. He is known for ensuring that the kind of story that happens in real life will be kept exactly how it is on film, executed beautifully and cinematically through talent and pure artistry.

The output is a delightfully candid, and expressive story that’s truly for keeps.

Ian Cruz

Ian Cruz Films

fb • @iancruzfilms


Ian Cruz himself has been telling love stories for over 10 years now. His craft is a combination of passion and creativity that goes beyond the borders of the Philippines. His lens do not only shoot but rather puts the pieces of your story in a keepsake meant to last a lifestime. Find love expressed in many ways through Ian Cruz Films.

The Spark Series

The Spark Series

fb • @thesparkseries

The Spark Series is a professional videography team known to produce one of the most artistic, entrancing, and visually stunning films in the country. Proudly straightforward with their work, head over to their website to see the masterpiece in action.

Wedding Coordinators:

Christine Ong-Te

Christine Ong-Te Events /

fb • @ChristineOngTeEvents

Coordination by Christine Ong-Te provides full service event planning, management and consultation. It focuses in event services and program outlining for different types of celebrations. Aside from ensuring that your event’s program flow is being followed thoroughly, Christine is also very passionate about making sure that every couple’s dream wedding is stress-free, enjoyable, and remarkably memorable for all the right reasons.

Angela Ibarle

Day One Project by Angela Ibarle

fb • @project.day1

Project Day One by Angela Ibarle makes this list because they hold true their claim: being a planner, partner and friend all-in-one, making your day one of married life truly exceptional. They offer customization to fit every couple’s needs and budget. The team is well coordinated, highly reliable and accountable. They are truly one of the most competent suppliers we’ve ever worked with.

Kiss The Girl Events

Kiss The Girl Events

fb • @KissTheGirlEvents

If there’s one thing Kiss The Girl Events is known for, it’s treating all engagements like their own. Having worked with them countless of times, we can vouch for their incredible work ethic and passion to provide personalized, high quality service that gives genuine relief and a smile to every bride. They made a name for themselves in the industry and earned their reputation as professionals.

Wedding Gown Designers:

Boy Kastner Santos

Boy Kastner Santos (BKS) Couture

fb • @BKSCouture

Boy Kastner Santos

BKS couture showcases bridal and men’s collections which are crafted with a modern approach to attain sophistication, class, and luxury in every detail. He is known to incorporate every client’s artistic and creative ideas to ensure that the final output is not only superb, but also personal.

Christine Lam Designs

fb • @Christine.lam.0326

instagram • @christinelam.mnl

Christine Lam is a Filipino-Chinese designer based in Manila. Her pieces are characterized to be unique to every client she takes care of. She does not shy away from mesmerizing details, bold colors and daring textures. As the industry widens with a variety of options for bridal couture, Christine has proven to be competent with her professional work ethic and appealing personality.

Curitthy Couture

fb • @Curitthy

instagram • @curitthycouture

Curitthy Manzanero is a designer (and one of our closest friends!) who creates elegant and timeless pieces that exude a sense of personality and flair that is suited to the wearer’s own individual taste and style. Her designs are inspired by different things: nature, textures of Old Hollywood, and of course, the ideas she gets from long bus rides and random epiphanies.She also doubles as a trusted friend to her brides, making her truly understand what they want. This allows her to use her creative spirit to craft pieces that are personal and expressive, beautiful and timeless.