Being Different Is The Point

Quirky Creatives is a work + fun type of wedding studio. We like to joke around a lot and make you laugh, but hey, we’re still professional about it. Shooting a prenup/wedding that reflects the bride and groom’s personal style is always a new experience that exhilarates and inspires us.

Often, we come across couples who aren’t comfy with being in front of the camera or sometimes, they just can’t put a finger on what makes them different—and that’s okay. Whether you’re an awkward couple or not, as long as you love each other, that’s more than enough.

Getting to know you and taking care of you is our number one priority. From ideating concepts to delivering you the final prints, it’s all about retaining a good studio-client relationship. That means being receptive, easy to reach, and crystal clear on how things will go.

Got a secret love for comics and anime? Let’s show that! Want to bring to life that fierce and glamorous shot you’ve been dreaming of? Let’s talk about it. Taking in ideas from different people makes us who we are. Whatever floats your boat floats ours too.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a little interesting fact about us — we like cats. Lots of it. Gimme. (Dogs are cute too but cats are often misunderstood—and we relate to that.)

What about you?

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